15 Destinations in Portugal perfect to visit this Winter

In the city, on the beach or on the mountain, these are some of the best destinations to visit Portugal this winter.

Although most people prefer to go on vacation during the summer, winter has a unique magic and is capable of completely transforming destinations and their landscapes. The streets will be more empty, since it is the low season, and the cozy atmosphere invites romantic strolls, with family or friends.

If you are planning a winter vacation or just a weekend getaway in the near future, these are the destinations to consider.

Bragança is one of the northernmost cities in Portugal and is also one of the coldest. With temperatures dropping below freezing frequently, it is a city for those who love winter.

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A destination that combines city, mountain, and beach, Viana do Castelo is a perfect city for a winter getaway that can be romantic, with family or friends.

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Chaves is the ideal city for winter walks, through the charming streets, to the castle or the Roman Bridge. To warm and cozy, there is nothing like savoring a warm and tasty pastel de Chaves.

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Ponte de Lima is a true postcard on the banks of the Lima River. It is worth putting your boots on, putting on your scarf, and visiting the historic center, full of cafes, extensive riverside gardens, and green spaces. 

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The Peneda-Gerês National Park is perfect all year round, and its landscapes change a lot between different seasons. In winter, the watercourses are fuller, the waterfalls are more ferocious and the landscapes are enveloped in a unique mystique.


Even more peaceful than in summer, the Douro region is a charming haven during winter. Choose to stay at one of the many Douro estates and enjoy a glass of Port wine by the fireplace, after a day of walking through vineyards.

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Guarda has a typical mountain climate. Although the winter is very cold, it is an excellent time to visit the city, its museums, monuments, and its Jewish quarter.


The small historic village of Piódão, in the municipality of Arganil, is one of the most magical places you can visit during the winter. The traditional streets lined with shale houses are a romantic setting for a winter stroll.

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Montesinho is a typical Trás-os-Montes village, in the heart of the Montesinho Natural Park, at more than 1000 meters of altitude. It has an agglomerate composed of several buildings that maintain the popular architecture of Trás-os-Montes, being visible in several houses, some recently recovered.

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The winter destination par excellence in Portugal, Serra da Estrela is one of the possibilities to see snow in Portugal. In addition to snowsports to practice, there are many places to visit.

This picturesque village is beautiful all year round, with its typical houses and narrow streets that look like they are out of a fairy tale. During the winter, the scenery becomes even more enchanting when the fog descends over the village. 

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The village of Óbidos is always a good idea, in any season. In winter, the streets are more empty and the atmosphere more romantic. Even if the temperatures are low, the ginjinha in a chocolate cup is enough to warm the soul and heart.


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