N304 Considered the best driving road in Europe

The “Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads” series visited Portugal and awarded the N304 road as the best driving road in Europe.

After visiting countries like France, Germany, Spain, Romania, Norway, Italy, and England, Steve Sutcliffe and Ford’s team came to Portugal and surrendered to the charms of the N304 in northern Portugal and awarded it the best driving road in Europe.

The winding Estrada Nacional 304 may be the best driving road in Europe for those who like to drive. It is wide, has a perfect surface, offers well-paced curves and incredible views. Better than that is the fact that few drivers use it. “During the three days of filming, only about 20 cars were seen traveling through it”, says Steve Sutcliffe, the journalist who drove the Ford Focus ST.

The N304 managed to win 57 points out of a maximum of 60, surpassing the Mountain Road on the Isle of Man and the C462 in Catalonia, both with 56 points.

But it is not just the road that counts for this score. Good quality and low-cost hotels, together with cafes and restaurants where you can eat, make this place in Portugal a fantastic escape point for nationals and foreigners. It should be noted that in the set of 6 categories under analysis, N304 reached the maximum score in categories such as “Factor Emotion”, “Hospitality”, “Scenario” and “Food & Drinks”.



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