The N2 is the best road in Portugal

The N2 is one of the oldest and known crosses in Portugal, starting in the north until reaching the south. Find out why it is the best road in Portugal and why it is a perfect choice for your visit. Portuguese Route 66 – as it is affectionately called the “Estrada Nacional 2” – has been for almost eight decades, the most mythical road in the country, but only recently has been known by tourists.  There have always been people in Portugal to know and travel the Estrada Nacional 2, but recently it started to be recommended in the program “Good Morning America” in the United States of America and several international publications. READ OUR GUIDE ON THE PORTUGUESE ROUTE 66 In 2016 was created a union of the several municipalities that are present alongside this road and with common objectives: the goals are the valorization and promotion of the people and the towns crossing the N2, as well as the tourist development and the economic promotion and cultural aspects of the municipalities. In

Best Things to Do in Madeira Portugal

Madeira is one of the world’s leading holiday destinations. It’s known for its volcanic landscape, beautiful beaches, well-preserved historic buildings, and its rich culture. If you’re looking for a destination that has all the ingredients for a relaxing getaway, then Madeira is for you. Madeira Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Africa, and is a popular tourist destination. If you’ve been looking for a great vacation spot, this is it! The island is home to an array of natural wonders, such as lush rainforests, beautiful waterfalls, and impressive water views. It is also home to various types of animals, including dolphins, sea lions, and even sloths! Madeira Island is a great place to visit, for both nature lovers and party-goers. It offers many different types of events, like festivals and a variety of different amazing restaurants. Best Sights in Madeira Click on the names to open on Google Maps Pico do Arieiro Viewpoint Ver esta publicação no In