Silver Coast – The Coastal Region of Central Portugal

Hidden between Lisbon and Porto, there is the Silver Coast. A magnificent coastal region that is very little known and it is full of treasures. 

With awarded beaches perfect for surfing, heritage sites, golf resorts, protected parks, and a region considered to be one of the seven wonders of Portugal, the Silver Coast has everything you might be looking for.

A lot less crowded than most famous places in Portugal, the Silver Coast is the perfect place to go, explore and relax, and enjoy all of the pleasures this region has to offer.

If you are looking for an alternative for the Algarve, Silver Coast should be on your shortlist.


Nazaré is a fishing town, where even these days you can still see the old traditions of the locals, alive in their daily routines. 

It is a beautiful place, with an amazing huge beach, great views, outstanding fresh food, and warm locals. 

Nazaré has become, in the past ten years very famous, due to the giant waves that attract surfers around the world. And some of the world records of the biggest waves surfed were broken here.

Best sights in Nazaré

Forte de São Miguel

If you are staying in Nazaré, take the funicular from the beach up to the hill and head to the Fort of São Miguel. You will be granted magnificent views over Nazare and the Praia do Norte, the beach north of Nazaré.

Here you will be able to watch surfers and if the weather is perfect for surfing, you can see the giant waves that made Nazaré so famous.

Where to stay in Nazaré

Nazare does not have many big resorts or hotels. A great option is to rent a house or an apartment, especially close to the beach.

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São Martinho do Porto

One of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal is located here, in São Martinho do Porto. The beach is protected by natural cliffs, creating a bay para warms the Atlantic water and keeps the waves away from the sand. And complete with great facilities, the Baía de São Martinho do Porto is perfect for families.

The city of São Martinho do Porto is a touristic city, wherein the summer is filled with life and in winter is very quiet. But even as a touristic city, the locals are extremely friendly and love to make everybody feel welcome.

Best things to do in São Martinho do Porto

São Martinho is all about relaxation and spending time with your family. Explore the trails on the cliffs or the nearby cities of Alcobaça or Óbidos. Read below.

Where to stay in São Martinho do Porto

With a few hotels right on the beach, São Martinho do Porto has a great offer for accommodation. But a great option is to rent a house on the bay or on the cliffs surrounding the bay.

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Going back from Roman times, occupied by the moors and a legend of when the Spanish army was expelled by the farms of this area, Alcobaça is filled with history.

With its imposing church in the middle of the city, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage back in 1989, where the bodies of the two most famous lovers of Portugal are buried. 

Called the city of romance, even the city symbol is just a heart. But in reality, it is called like this, because of a tragic story.

Best things to do in Alcobaça

A great afternoon spent in Alcobaça is to have lunch in some outstanding restaurants in the city center and you can’t skip the traditional desserts of this region, explore the church and take a walk in the park, behind the church. And be aware inside the church for the story of Pedro and Inês, the two most famous lovers of Portugal.

Where to stay in Alcobaça

Alcobaça is a great choice if you are looking for a place close to everything and with great hotels. An hour from Lisbon airport and close to all of the sites present in this article.

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São Pedro de Moel

São Pedro de Moel is a quiet village, with a traditional look and a nice beach. But although this beach has a medium size, right outside the north side of this village, you will find a beautiful huge beach that goes for miles.

And reaching the beach, there is a protected park, filled with hiking trails and bicycle paths, to make you enjoy the wonders of nature.

Best things to do in São Pedro de Moel

If you are looking to drive next to the ocean and enjoy the views, São Pedro de Moel is right in the middle of the road “Estrada Atlantica”. A road that goes from Peniche up to São Pedro de Pedrógão, doing almost all the Silver Coast.

And this road even has a perfect bicycle path, for a huge bike ride alongside the ocean.

Where to stay in São Pedro de Moel

São Pedro de Moel has two great hotels, but the biggest offers are from houses to rent. Even on, you will find a lot of good options.

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Foz do Arelho

Like São Martinho do Porto, Foz do Arelho is perfect for families. But here you have the option of river or sea. Or both.

This area is located in a perfect place, about an hour from Lisbon, where you will find two different environments in one.

The lagoon that the river creates before reaching the sea, is perfect for children, with its quiet and warm waters.

The beach is perfect for windsurfing and simply enjoys the sound of the ocean.

The best things to do in Foz do Arelho

In Foz do Arelho life is spent on the water. Here you will find several schools of sailing and wind-surfing. Maybe it is the perfect place to finally learn…

Where to stay in Foz do Arelho

Foz do Arelho has a great resort focused especially on families. Besides the hotel, there are several houses to rent. And you will see that this area of Portugal is very cheap.

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Welcome to medieval times. Obidos looks like a portal that transported you to several hundred years in the past.

Obidos is a medieval village extremely well preserved. Going back to Roman Times and once the city of the King of Portugal. Inside the walls of the old town, you will want to get lost and explore the castle, the streets, and all the hidden little corners.

Best things to do in Obidos

Although the city center of Obidos is very small, a relaxing walk in this village will make you fantasize about the past. Besides the city center, Óbidos is very close to Foz do Arelho and the beautiful and amazing Praia D’el Rey.

Where to stay in Óbidos

The city center of Obidos is filled with small hotels where the main theme is medieval times. It is a great place to stay and feel at another time.

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Peniche is the most western city in continental Europe and it is blessed with amazing white sand beaches.

Located on a small peninsula, Peniche has a very important strategic place for Portugal. Wandering on this peninsula, you will have the impression to be on a huge fortification. You will start to wonder where it used to be the cannons.

Best things to do in Peniche

Ilha das Berlengas

5.7 miles from the coast of Peniche, is one of the most unknown secrets of Portugal. The archipelago of Berlengas, made of three small islands.

It is a hidden treasure, protected since 1465 and the only way to get there is by boat from Peniche. And because of this, it has no hotels. But it does have a camping site, allowing you to spend a few days in this paradise.

Where to stay in

The best area to stay in Peniche is in Baleal. It is a small village right next to Peniche with big beaches. A cool thing about the Baleal is that the main street has a beach on both sides of the street.

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Serras de Aire e Candeeiros

Considered to be one of the seven wonders of Portugal, Serras de Aire e Candeeiros is a place that only a few tourists know.

An hour from Lisbon, Serras de Aire e Candeeiros is a protected area, keeping its nature untouched. Here you will be able to explore hiking trails, enjoy the wildlife and relax at the sounds of nature.

It is great for families and it is a great area to be because on those days you want to go to the beach, most of the coastal areas of this article are 30 minutes away by car.

Best things to do in Serras de Aires e Candeeiros

Natural caves:

There are several caves in Serra de Aires e Candeeiros to explore. Most of them are paid visits but allow you to explore in safety and with great conditions.

The most famous is Grutas de Mira de Aire, but there is also Grutas de Santo António, Gruta de Alvados and Algar do Pena.

Where to stay in Serras de Aires e Candeeiros

There are many options to stay in Serra de Aires e Candeeiros, from hotels focused on relaxation and spa treatments, houses to rent, and even camping sites.

There is even a complex near Grutas de Mira de Aire that has bungalows to rent, an aquapark, restaurants, and lots of activities. Take a look: 

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How to get from the Lisbon airport (LIS) or Porto airport (OPO) to the Silver Coast:

Lisbon Airport (LIS) is closer to the Silver Coast than the Porto Airport (OPO) and the difference is about an hour.

By Bus:

Because it is not an urban area, using public transportation can be difficult because you will probably need to change several transportations, especially if you take the train.

Even by bus, it could take up to five hours, depending on your destination on the Silver Coast. But you can check the timeline of the buses, on this website.

Airport Transfer:

This is a great option, especially if you will be staying in a city like Sao Martinho do Porto because everything in the city is close and you don’t need a car.

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This is our greatest recommendation to be on the Silver Coast. Because everything is scattered around the coast and inland, having a car will give you the freedom to explore at your wish and on your time.

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